We are partnering with the Downer Community to transform the Cole St park into an enhanced neighbourhood park. Refer to rough sketch plan below – our first attempt using a digital tablet!

Rough concept sketch of how the Cole St Downer site could look. White dashed area encloses space to be kept open. Whilst hatched areas represent planting. Circles with a dot in the middle represent trees with grass underneath. The Climate Factory will work with the Downer ParkCare group to develop a Master Plan for the site.

Our plan is to fund at least half of the project via a Crowd Funding campaign which starts in October 2019. Downer residents have registered a ParkCare group and have applied for Adopt-a-Park funding with the ACT Government.

Find out more about the ParkCare group.

If we are successful, the project would be built with the community in Autumn 2020.

The first stage of the project will include weed control of the tyre-puncturing three cornered Jack, followed by revegetation.

9 October 2019


Our first micro-forest was installed in October 2019 in a front garden in Downer opposite the Cole St Park. The garden already has many mature native plants but required infill planting.

With our client we planted 300 native plants over 120 square metres.

9 October 2019


In 2018, with the support of hundreds of volunteers, SEE-Change built the Birdscaping #CBR project. This was the first of it’s kind in urban Canberra, located on a rarely used piece of urban open space in O’Connor. The project was designed to attract small threatened native birds (like the Scarlet robin) and insects back into the suburbs. Despite record breaking temperatures in early 2019, the plants thrived.

A scout dad and his son help plant tubestock at Birdscaping CBR.

2000 native trees, shrubs, groundcovers and grasses were planted. Not only will these plants improve local biodiversity, the trees planted will absorb carbon as they grow and help cool the local environment. Hardwood logs were added to attract insects and the birds that prey on them. The logs also double as informal seats.

Insect hotels were added in September 2019.

This project was funded by an ACT Government Environment Grant.

Project value: $43,000
Project location: David St, O’Connor (opposite Turner Primary school)
Project partners: Greening Australia ACT

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