Downer Community Micro-forest

Jenny Edwards from Light House Architecture & Science planting an advanced Casuarina

The Downer micro-forest is a pilot project initiated by Landscape Architect and Founder of The Climate Factory, Edwina Robinson in 2019. The aim of the trial was to showcase a method that cools the local landscape, creates urban habitat, enhances wellbeing and provides hope for the future.

Watson Community Micro-forest

The Climate Factory partnered with three Watson residents to develop the Watson Micro-forest. The Watson leadership group raised $83,000 from community, business and grants.

The Landscape Plan includes micro-forest, pollinator patches, water harvesting that drains to a ‘dry’ creek bed, nature play elements like a timber boardwalk and a shopfront set in a grove of deciduous trees, a woven structure – the ‘Bowery’, an outdoor gathering space with stone seating, broad grass pathways and a picnic tables and benches.

Sullivan’s Creek Micro-forest

The Climate Factory worked with the Molonglo Conservation Group to create a 1000 plant climate-ready micro-forest in Lyneham. This project was sponsored by Alicia Payne MP via a Federal Government Grant.

Edible Micro-forest, Braddon

With support from the City Renewal Authority, The Climate Factory created a display of climate-ready edible plants in wicking beds on Lonsdale St, Braddon. Native and exotic species provide food, shade and habitat and were selected to thrive during hot, dry weather and cold winters.

Climate-ready Garden Design

We work with local governments and individuals to create garden designs and workshops that keep homes and gardens cool during heatwaves.

Online Classes

The Climate Factory periodically runs 1 hour online classes on ‘How to create a community micro-forest’.

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