As a social enterprise, The Climate Factory directs part of its profits to help schools in urban hotspots to design and build micro-forests.

The CSIRO conducted research into areas of urban heat in Canberra and found many schools were particularly vulnerable. This is because they tend to have large roof areas and large expanses of carparks and relatively little vegetation.

The hottest schools and hottest areas tend to be in either Canberra’s new suburbs or on the out-skirts.

As our climate gets hotter and drier this reduces children’s ability to play outside and will impact their health and learning outcomes.

Planting trees, shrubs and ground-covers and installing water harvesting to capture and store rainwater run-off has a number of physical benefits: including cooling and shading the local landscape, habitat creation and rehydrating soils.

Students and teachers are engaged in designing and building the micro-forests. This helps teach them about how the natural world and gives them hope they can take action to create a brighter future.

CSIRO Mapping Urban Heat in Canberra