Outdoor kitchens help cool homes

A simple outdoor kitchen can be a lovely addition to your home. Whether you’re an outgoing entertainer, or just someone who loves spending time outdoors, an outdoor cooking space can be a real asset. Plus, outdoor kitchens don’t need to be flashy, complicated, or expensive. You can still get many of the perks without dishing out large amounts of money for the latest technology or a large set up.

An outdoor kitchen could consist of a simple barbeque and sink combination, or a woodfired oven for making delicious pizzas. When designing an outdoor kitchen space, think about what you wish to get out of it. You may not need to spend money on all the bells and whistles.

In this blog we take a look at some of the benefits of creating a simple outdoor kitchen.

Keeping heat out of the house
One big benefit of an outdoor kitchen is that it can keep cooking heat and smells out of your house. While cooking can be a wonderful hobby, the heat it generates can make an enclosed area quite warm at times. This can be particularly annoying during the summer months, when you’re trying to keep your home as cool as possible!

More time spent in the outdoors
If you’re someone who can’t get enough of nature and fresh air, then an outdoor kitchen could be right up your alley. Cooking outside can be a wonderful experience – who can forget the joy of cooking by campfire as a child?!

Added home value
The idea of an outdoor kitchen can be appealing to both entertainers and chefs alike. If you’re thinking about selling your home, or just wanting to increase its overall value, a simple outdoor kitchen could help boost appeal and intrigue. But just how much value could it add? Well, Remodeling Magazine, About.com, and CNN Money state that outdoor kitchens  can return between 100 and 200% of their cost (according to Absolute Outdoor Kitchens Buyers Guide). Just keep in mind that these are American sources, and Australian results may differ.

Extra living/entertaining space
Having more space to entertain guests and relax with family can be a fantastic benefit, especially during the holidays and warmer months. An outdoor kitchen can provide a space for socialising and entertaining. Simply add some seating options and you can host guests while you cook! It is also a convenient way to prepare food with guests present, as you don’t need to be repeatedly walking back and forth from your indoor kitchen to your outdoor entertaining area.

A simple outdoor kitchen can be a great way to add value and entertaining space to your home. It is also ideal for keeping cooking heat out of the house, and can boost the amount of time you spend outdoors.

Words: Sarah Bellamy