Chief micro-forest maker – Edwina Robinson

Edwina Robinson is a Landscape Architect and founded The Climate Factory in 2019 as Australia sweltered through it’s hottest and driest year on record.

Miyawaki method

In 2020 Robinson created Canberra’s first urban community micro-forest inspired by the Miyawaki method. With the Watson micro-forest leaders, The Climate Factory built a micro-forest and nature play space in 2021.

Eight Step Method

Edwina has developed an Eight Step Method for communities to build their own tiny forests.

Community micro-forest makers

Watson Micro-forest Makers – Liz Adcock (Left) and Purdie Bowden (Right).

Liz Adcock

Liz Adcock is part of the Watson Micro-forest leadership team. With Watson residents Purdie Bowden and Joan Cornish they created an ambitious plan for their local park. The micro-forest and nature play space was built in parkland on Wade St, Watson in 2021.

Liz explains what it’s like working with Edwina.

Edwina has an innate ability to really listen, observe and take action. I love that when she focuses on something it is done with a reflection that is quite lovely. She articulates things very well, like she’s had time to ponder and really understand its importance to then share the value and meaning to others. She brings people together. Edwina helps them find their voice and strengthen hers along with it. 

Purdie Bowden

Purdie and Liz Adcock are the powerhouse behind the Watson Micro-forest. They have shown an incredible ability to draw their community together.

Purdie explains what it’s like to partner with Edwina.

Edwina can see around or through barriers. She doesn’t let challenges stop her. She doesn’t have a lot of time for nay-sayers. Edwina is a problem solver and a do-er. She’s direct (not too much time for small talk) and action oriented – I think that makes her efficient, which is important because it means she can allocate scarce time where it is needed and not waste energy elsewhere.

Jennifer Bardsley

Jennifer Bardsley at the Holt site.

Jennifer is the leader of the Holt micro-forest and food forest. She undertook a 12 week mentoring program with Edwina. Jennifer juggles part-time work, writing children’s books and parenting with micro-forest making.

Mike Smith

Mike at the Downer Micro-forest

Mike and his family helped build the Downer Micro-forest and plant the Watson Micro-forest. He is an academic, hands-on parent and passionate advocate of community-led micro-forests.


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Watson Micro-forest Team
Holt Micro-forest Team
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