Community tiny forests

Tiny forest sponsor, Jenny Edwards, Light House Architecture and Science planting a Casuarina cunninghamiana.

The Climate Factory supports communities build micro or tiny forests in their neighbourhoods. Our forests reduce urban heat and help communities adapt to climate change. Our forests also provide hope for the future.

We’ve created an Eight Step Method to make it easier for communities to make their own micro-forest, wherever they live.

Eight Step Method

The Eight Step Method will gives you the confidence to form a team, raise money and work with experts to make a tiny forest happen in your park. This Method is based on our experience building the Downer and Watson micro-forests over 2020-2021.

Tiny forest benefits

Micro forests have multiple benefits. They cool the landscape, enhance biodiversity, build community connections and provide hope for the future.

Downer micro or tiny forest

In 2020, we built a pilot tiny forest in Downer, Australian Capital Territory. This project of 1800 native plants transformed a dustbowl into an urban oasis. Plants grew rapidly and inspired more tiny forests.

More tiny forests

In 2021 with three community leaders we built the Watson Micro-forest. It’s a fabulous example of a community-led park transformation. As well as including dense forest plantings it includes a nature play journey. And in 2022 we will build the Holt Micro-forest.


In August 2021, Edwina shared the story of Canberra’s micro forest movement at TEDx Canberra.


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