Our vision is to inspire community leaders to build a micro-forest or tiny forest in every Australian urban hotspot.

We inspire communities to grow micro-forests

By demonstrating what is possible we want to inspire you and your community to make a neighbourhood micro-forest. By following our method you can make a cool outdoor haven that in turn inspires others.

You don’t need to be an expert to make a micro-forest. Firstly, you need to be passionate about making a difference. Second, you need to listen to others. And finally you need to see the project through to completion.

Demonstration micro-forests

Since 2020, we’ve built four neighbourhood micro-forests on public land. With a 5th scheduled for 2023.

Each project is lead by community volunteers. By making decisions together and planting and caring for the micro-forest, micro-forest projects reconnect people to one another and nature.

Typically micro-forests are created on public land. Four of our micro-forests are located in suburban parks. The Moruya Micro-forest is nestled on land owned by the Anglican Church.

Our micro-forests are unique

Our micro-forests or tiny forest method is unique as we combine:

  • the Miyawaki method of dense planting (3 plants per square metre) which results in rapid growth
  • fabulous soil preparation (by combining organic compost to build soil biota and the soil sponge)
  • above and below ground water harvesting (to make water available at a plants’ roots where it’s needed most and to future-proof vegetation) and cool the landscape. We do not recommend skipping this stage to save money!
  • for some projects (particularly inland areas likely to be significantly hotter and drier in the future) we select trees likely to thrive in a hotter future
  • we recommend integrating open spaces for gathering, broad paths and seating with your micro-forest.
  • each project is lead by a volunteer leadership group
  • leadership groups raise at least half of the project funds through crowdfunding.

More micro-forest information

We’ve create free resources to get your community project started. And below are some short videos to sink your teeth into.



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