Community micro-forests

The Climate Factory is a social enterprise that supports community leaders build neighbourhood micro-forests or tiny forests.

Since 2020, we’ve built two micro-forests in Canberra with a third to be built in 2022. We are working with the Moruya community to create a micro-forest in 2023.

Our vision is to empower local leaders to build a climate-cooling micro-forest in every urban hotspot in Australia.

Edwina Robinson

Our native forests:

– create outdoor havens from urban heat
– enhance urban biodiversity
– help communities adapt to climate change
– provide hope for the future
– enhance community wellbeing.

We’ve created an Eight Step Method to make it easier for communities to make a community micro-forest wherever they live. This Method is based on our experience building the Downer and Watson micro-forests in Canberra over 2020-2021.

Eight Step Method

The Eight Step Method gives you the confidence to form a team, raise money and work with experts to make a tiny forest happen in your neighbourhood. You don’t need to be an expert, just passionate about creating positive local change.

Downer micro-forest

In 2020, we built a pilot tiny forest in Downer, Australian Capital Territory. This project of 1800 native plants transformed a dustbowl into an urban oasis. Plants grew rapidly and inspired other women in the community to start micro-forests in their neighbourhood.

More tiny forests

In 2021 with three community leaders we built the Watson Micro-forest. It’s a fabulous example of a community-led park transformation. As well as including dense forest plantings it includes a nature play journey and pollinator patches. And in 2022 we will build the Holt Micro-forest.

We are planning to build a micro-forest in Moruya, NSW in 2023.

In August 2021, Edwina shared the story of Canberra’s micro forest movement at TEDx Canberra.


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