ABOUT – Edwina Robinson

Edwina Robinson works from her sustainable home office supported by her dogs.

I founded The Climate Factory in 2019 after Australia experienced the hottest and driest summer on record.

My mission is to empower people to plant the planet.

In 2020-21, I created Canberra’s first urban community micro-forest. It’s a dense pocket of native vegetation which has transformed a dusty, weedy park in Downer. This project inspired the Watson community to raise $53,000 for their own micro-forest and nature play space.

Our vision is to build a micro-forest in every urban hotspot in Australia.

Well-designed landscapes, using climate-ready plants are vital for communities to thrive in the future. In order to cool landscapes, we must:

  1. Rehydrate the landscape using water harvesting
  2. Build fabulous soils full of organic material, and
  3. Plant densely with climate-ready plants not just local plants.

Backyards can cool temperatures by 5-6C


Edwina is a mentor in the Climate Leader Mentoring Program which started April 2021.


Edwina and Lachlan have been wonderful to work with while we were setting up the microforest on my house block, and subsequently when coordinating works at the Downer microforest site. Meetings were informal but very professional, there was plenty of consultation, the Climate Factory sourced all of the plants and the resources to optimize growth, everyone worked extremely hard when we were preparing, planting, mulching and watering in – and I felt confident that we had been advised well regarding the ongoing care for the microforests. Both of the projects I have been involved with now have wonderful growth and I feel immensely proud of the work we have done with the Climate Factory’s advice, hands-on support and ongoing guidance.

Leah Moore, Downer


Southern ACT Catchment Group
Magpie Hill Carers, Lyneham
Alicia Payne MP, Member for Canberra
Suburban Land Agency