Downer Community Micro-forest Demonstration Project

The landscape plan for the dusty and weedy park in the middle of suburban Downer, centred on three key principles identified during community consultation – water harvesting, habitat and nature-based play.

Earthworks occurred in September 2020 and involved creating water harvesting trenches and a bog, resculpting the top of the existing mounds to trap rather than shed water, grass removal from shrub beds and ripping existing soil and incorporating organics.

The earthworks were followed by three community working bees with 1300+ native plants installed. Around 500 more plants will be installed in Autumn 2021. Plants will be maintained by a local community group.

The 1300th plant went in the ground during Working Bee 3. Image: Gary Marshall.

Downer Community Micro-forest in the News

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Major support for micro-forest project in Downer“, RIOTACT

This project was made possible by the support of: Service One, a 100% community owned bank, Light House Architecture and Science and Federation Financial and the community. Provincial Plants donated plants and Thor’s Hammer donated a recycled timber bench and funds to support planting an additional 300 tubestock.